Here’s a little piece from our go to PT’s over at Issa Physical Therapy.

“As 2012 rapidly comes to a close, and the holiday season in full swing, we enter a time of year where sweets, cookies, alcohol and celebratory meals often dominate.  We gave you pain and the brain, now we give you food and pain.

This topic is often overlooked in the medical community.  Diagnostic imaging provides great visualization of structural problems, medications help manage painful conditions, but how often do we consider that food might have an impact on how we feel physically?  We all know that we feel tired after we eat a large meal, or feel ‘lousy’ after a fatty or greasy meal; so why then do we often overlook the fact that food and nutrients may contribute to painful symptoms?…continue reading.


Let’s pick on Coach Riva. What’s wrong with this deadlift, and more importantly, how would you cue to fix it?

Workout of the Day

Power Snatch


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