The Execution of the Plan

I’m full of good intentions and love to make lists. So setting goals and designing a plan to meet those goals is right up my alley. But I always fall short on the execution. I keep asking myself, am I trying to be too ambitious? Why can’t I stick with the plan? I really do try to be reasonable. Sounds familiar?

I’ve found a few approaches which help me.

  • Chart it out and carry it with you. I like to print out a calendar with my plan and stick it in my workout log book.  This approach works well with additional strength training where your plan might cover 8-12 weeks. There’s probably some great apps for smart phones but I just use the old-fashion way.
  • Make it fun.  Try to recruit others to join you. A great example is when Zach recruited several folks to do 50 T2B every Tuesday after the 5pm class.  Now I will forever think of Tuesday as “Toes to Bar Tuesday”.
  • Reward yourself for following the plan.  The goal will come through executing the plan, so tie some incentives to just following the plan.
  • Look forward to sharing your success. Think about what you will post on Facebook when you do that first pull-up or get a milestone PR. Be proud and share your successes. Just thinking about being able to do that can be a great motivator.

It’s New Year’s Resolution time, so let’s set some goals and make them happen!


That’s the face of a man thoroughly enjoying himself.

Workout of the Day

6 minute AMRAP of:

8 Bar-Facing Burpees

4 Squat Clean Thrusters (155/105)

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