We’ve recognized some of the athletes who in 2012 displayed Community and Commitment.  Today we look at the last two characteristics that we feel embody a successful, well rounded CrossFit DoneRight athlete.    The first being Integrity – this athlete demonstrates the definition of DoneRight.   Focusing on the integrity of the movement and the workout, only counts reps, never attempts, maintains a safe workout environment for themselves and the other athletes around them 

Here are the athletes the coaches recognized as portraying a strong sense of Integrity:

Doug always goes all out and ensures that every rep counts and the weight is appropriate no matter how long the workout will take him. Wes and Jason for the same reasons.

David T, Wes, Linda S.

Alex T, Arielle, Mel L.

Eric B- again, this guy has made such tremendous strides by not short changing any of the movements.

Wes Gassert- Wes works for form and standard over the clock any time he is in there.

Sarah Dickson- she holds herself to very strict form standards and doesn’t let them slide to improve times.


Achievement – this athlete has seen the greatest improvement across all ten elements of fitness and has made positive dietary changes leading to increase performance, changes in body composition and possible increased health metrics.  They are truly “CrossFit”.

Hope- awesome improvement in body comp and strength Eric B- body comp changes, strength improvements, overall work capacity improvements Robin- huge gain in confidence and isn’t afraid of weights anymore, wants to try everything and get stronger

Hope. Her comments about fitting in her clothes better sums that up for me.

Hope Jason G. Alyssa Eric B. Nick Arielle Plotnick

Rachel G – Focusing on major improvements in all her weak areas and strong ones. Plotnick and Eric have also both made major eating changes and have seen significant improvement in the gym.

KC- In the months since she started training with us, she has taken time off of her marathon pace, set significant (some totaling over 70#s!!!) PRs on lifts and improved her technique and flexibility tremendously. Larry- Almost the exact same goes for her husband Larry who has also set incredible strength, speed and time milestones for himself and moved form a once quite and reserved member to a motivating part of the team. Eric B- that guy has become quite an example to follow. Strength and time PRs, incredible body composition transformation, chest-to-bar pull up standards in less than a year… the list goes on.

Jason (of Jason and Jody)– huge improvements and gives 100 with a smile all the time.

Congrats to all our athletes who were recognized for 2012.


Wes, always works hard to do his best and never lets injuries stop him from working on improving something.

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