Last week we recognized some of our athletes who stood out to the coaches as best epitomizing Community.  Today we want to recognize the athletes who have shown Commitment to improve during 2012.

Commitment – this athlete demonstrates commitment by consistently showing up to the gym, putting in extra work before or after class and challenging themselves to constant and never ending improvement.

There are lots of athletes who we could recognize for this, here are some that stood out to the coaches.  If you feel like another one of your peers should be included, please submit to comments below.

Alex Tsiros, Linda Sterling, Wes Gassert. They have all been injured and continue to come in every day and work hard with modified workouts.

Hope committed 100% to the paleo challenge and is in every week as well busting her butt.

Jason comes almost every day and comes in early to work on his weaknesses. He always shows up early to get in his extra work before class. Always fun to coach. He comes in every day working on his weaknesses including his muscle up and never gives up on these things.  - Jason was mentioned by almost every coach who was worked with him this past year. 

 Misha always stays after to workout on his weaknesses.

Ashley She was been doing extra work to get her pull-ups.  

Plotnick Has come constantly all year and works his butt off to make huge improvements.

Wes Gassert- constantly working with injury, he attacks where he is weak with extra work, is smart about his training and never complains during long workouts, even if he is the last man standing.

KC- she is always asking on additional ways to work on her weaknesses outside of class, take the time before to do the work, and she even asked for, and got a set of bumpers and a bar for Hanukkah. That lady is committed

Megan W.- has challenged herself training for competition. Also Megan C. for finally trying the paleo diet. Sam for her commitment to her diet even when it’s not giving her immediate results. Jason and Zach.




Jason has been coming in early 4-5 days a week for the past several months. He has worked hard on his weaknesses and it’s paid off. Jason has set dozen of PRs this year. Great work Jason.

Workout of the Day


for time:

1000m Row

50 Thrusters -45lbs

30 Pull-Ups

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