Earlier this month the coaches here at CFDR were discussing ways to recognize some of the amazing athletes who train with us.  Our goal is to recognize the athletes who best embody the characteristics of Community, Commitment, Achievement, and Integrity.  These characteristics have no relationship to an individuals performance versus others, but rely solely on the relationship an athlete has to himself/herself in terms of health and fitness, and the relationship this athlete has to the CFDR community in terms of encouraging and helping others be their best.

The first group of athletes the coaches would like to recognize are the group of athletes who best epitomize Community.

Community – this athlete helps build a positive environment for others, by encouraging other athletes at the gym and via our blog, social media, etc.  They hold others accountable for doing their best and showing up for class.  They participate in community events.  They make all members feel welcome and are enjoyable to be around.

Megan C –  She always helps others out with their goals, especially after class (and she’s a great weight pusher!). She is always helping others, cheering her peers on and talking to the newest members making everyone feel welcome.

Gabe – Great enthusiasm during class and really supportive even if he can’t do the workout due to his injury.

Hope – Always liking people on Facebook, saying funny things at the gym, encouraging others and celebrating everyone’s victories.

Zach- He has helped to set up Tuesday Toes-to-Bar, his community trips in the summer and several other gatherings. He is also really welcoming with new members, supportive as a partner during workouts and a good example for new members to follow.

Elise- Elise helps new members correct their forms, always supports the last person finishing up their workouts, helps people shoot for better standards.

Sam – She participates in all the events even if she is intimidated, and even though she had yet to go to a group class.

Nick – Always smiling and making new friends.

Misha – Class clown,  active on the blogs and Facebook, really enjoys coming to class and is always positive.

Plotnick – Participates in most events,  encourages his peers.

Mel L – She is always supporting her fellow athletes, keep a positive attitude while trying to overcome an injury.


If you would like to recognize one of your peers we didn’t list above, please post to comments.

**Morning Class Only on NYE, No Class January 1st.  Enjoy your NYE and be safe!**

Some of our awesome athletes enjoying a night out on the town.

Workout of the Day

for time:


Hang Squat Clean (115/75)

75 Double Unders after each round

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