We absolutely love getting emails like this.  Keep up the great work Arielle!

CFDR Coaches,

What I want to say to you all is something like ‘thank you’, but really it is so much more. Ten months after having surgery to fix a stress fracture I had developed in my femur while I was running in a race, I ran for the first time. I actually ran!

If I had been told even just a few months ago that I would become stronger than I was after my months of race training, and more than that- I would no longer be scared to run nor be in pain post-run- I would have undoubtedly scoffed at that person. For four months after my injury, I went to countless doctors appointments in hopes of seeing even the slightest improvements, had three inconclusive MRIs, and was left with the only option of having surgery to expedite the healing process. I was instructed to come to terms with (what I thought) was my pathetic reality that at 22 years old, I would be altogether done with running- my endorphine release and stress relief, as well as my hobby. Out of the utmost fear of injuring myself again and the frustration of dealing with the pain and challenge of having a fractured hip, I told myself that was it for running.

Little did I know, out of the chaos of my injury, I found an even better solution than I had before. CrossFit has not only strengthened all the muscles in my body that were left dormant from only running, taught me how to better care for my body by diversifying my workouts and taking into consideration all parts of my body, but it has resorted my confidence in my hip and made the unthinkable a reality: my hip is strong, pain-free, and works better than I would have ever imagined, even with three screws still in place.

‘Thank you’ alone does not encompass my gratitude for your help, patience, encouragement, and confidence that what I thought was a dead-end was really a re-direction leading to something even greater. I really owe Maddie the biggest debt of gratitude for first believing in me, instilling in me a new confidence, and leading me on this new path!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you all.


Arielle Kleinman

Keep up the awesome work Arielle!

 Workout of the Day

Power Snatch 6×2 @ 80-85% 1RM

Push Jerk 6×2 @80-85% 1RM

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