Today we will be hosting the 3rd Annual White Elephant Benchmark WOD.  The WOD will start at 9:30am.

Not sure what a White Elephant Exchange is?  Here’s how the actual game works:

6+ participants each bring a wrapped present.  Picking order is determined (usually by selecting names out of a hat).  The first person selects a gift and unwraps it.  Each subsequent turn, each person get the choice of “stealing” a present or selecting an unwrapped present to open.  If a person has a present stolen, they then have the option of stealing someone else’s present or selecting a present from the wrapped pile.  Each turn ends when a gift is unwrapped and the game goes until the last person has taken their turn.

To make the game interesting, there is usually a mix of awesome presents (Starbucks gift card anyone?) and less awesome presents (think cheetah print Snuggy).

We play the game the same way here at CFDR, but instead of a Snuggy, think “Fran”.  Come prepared for a workout!

Workout of the Day

White Elephant WOD

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