The CrossFit Open Games March 6 through April 7, 2013

It begins in 3 months!

Here’s your chance to be a CrossFit competitor. Yes, everyone can compete. It won’t be easy but you will have a great time! And you get to rank yourself against thousands of other CrossFitters of all levels and ages. Last year 70,000 people competed by submitting their scores online. We can only guess how many for 2013 – 150,000? 200,000?  And if you are 40 or older, you get to compete in the Masters Age divisions. Yes, 40-44 is new this year! If you’re 55 or older you get to do scaled workouts.

To compete, first you register and then wait for the WODs to be announced. One workout is announced each week for 5 weeks. You have 5 days to do the WOD and submit your score to The Games website. Last year CrossFit DoneRight designated Saturdays to performing the WODs. We paired up and judged each other to make sure the movement standards were met and to count reps. Several heats were run, the cheering was loud, music blasted, folks made PRs left and right, and accomplished a level of work only a competition could bring out. If for some reason you couldn’t make it on a Saturday, no problem, just do it another time during the week.

The beauty of The Open is that the WODs are both accessible to the large majority of CrossFitters, yet challenging for the best. Last year, the first WOD was 7 minutes of  burpees. Honestly, my first thought was that this was stupid. However, the beauty of this was that everyone could compete and it was a great measure of work capacity. The community embraced this challenge and the level of enthusiasm was pretty amazing. No one had to scale the workout, or spend 5 minutes struggling to get one rep with a weight 30 pounds above their PR.

I won’t kid you though. There were heavy snatches, chest to bar pull-ups, and muscle-ups. However, most WODs were structured so that high level stuff was towards the end of the WODs. For instance, WOD #2 was a snatch ladder, starting really light and getting progressively heavier. Or WOD # 4 which started with wall balls then double unders, and ended with as many muscle-ups as possible.

Remember, even if you can’t do everything as prescribed, scale if necessary, and give it a try.

Come and cheer everyone on! You have 3 months to get ready. Still time to set some goals, work hard, and see what you can do come March 6.

You can find last year’s Open WODs at

**Remember tomorrow night is the CFDR Holiday Party. Dress to Impress! Also, the White Elephant WOD will be Christmas Eve Morning**


Jara’s been diligently resting her shoulder in preparation for the Open.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat 5×5@ 80-85% 1RM

Press 5×5 @ 80-85% 1RM


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