This month the coaches are going to be talking about different aspects of goal setting. It is important when setting goals to understand that goal setting is a “journey” and not a destination. 

Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CAN I!)

CAN I is a philosophy that focuses on always improving (happy but never satisfied) to become better at business, health, family or any aspect of your life. The reality is that major improvements take time and anything worth doing takes commitment. This is a hard concept to learn in this world of instant gratification. It can be even more challenging for a new athlete who saw HUGE PRs their first year and then their progress “appears” to improve very little. I have experienced this same frustration at times.

What many of you may not be able to see is that even though you are using the same weights  or you appear to have gotten slower you may be improving as an athlete. If you spend time working hard on the details then your form improves, you can control the barbell better, your squats go to full depth, etc. You ARE getting better! All this work and commitment is building a solid base of strength and technique for your next PR. It is those small improvements that will make you better.

What are the small goals that you can set for yourself to achieve that result in improvement in the long haul? Can you come to class one more day a week? Can you commit to stretching two minutes before class? Can you stop drinking soda? Can you focus on getting your chin over the bar in pull-ups?

Make one small change for thirty days and it becomes a habit. The little things that you do each day in all areas of your life may start out as small and consistent improvements that result in more significant changes.


Bands are a good way to improve your pull-ups a little at a time.

Workout of the Day


20 Minute AMRAP of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

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