To truly see results in CrossFit, or anything you challenge yourself to, you need to be willing to invest the sweat equity.  Substantial pride can come from pushing beyond any of your perceived limits and everyone can agree that one of the most rewarding things about CrossFit is being able to push yourself to reach a milestone which might not have been possible before you started. As Coach Steve said, you have to enjoy yourselves during the workouts.  PRs do not necessarily happen every day and sometimes you have pretty rough days at the gym just like everywhere else.  You have to take those days as they come up and still see the positive that comes from pushing past the challenges.

If you want your body to function at its best when you need it to, you have to be willing to beat the heck out of it during training.  It is not necessary to push yourself in an irresponsible manner and put yourselves at risk.  I would never encourage anyone to attempt a higher weight or rep scheme if it is beyond their capacity (except in Hero WODs, the point in those are to push yourself and gut through them all the way to the end).  But I do believe that you can muster up that strength to push for the extra rep without dropping the bar, getting back up on the pull-up bar or if you’re like me finish that last 800m hill run without stopping.

Enjoy the challenge of reaching your perceived limit and kicking it right in the chest.  Believe that you can always get one more rep, keep positive by setting small goals that are attainable through a workout and push through.  That is how you continuously improve with CrossFit, both mentally and physically.


Mentally tough, Fred K. smiles and laughs as she kicks her physical limits ass.

Workout of the Day

3 rounds for time of:

400 m run

21 Med-ball cleans

12 Pull-ups

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