The constant variety in CrossFit is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, we are never bored with our workouts and we are able to see consistent improvements across the board on everything.  On the other hand, this constant variety never allows us to zero in and focus on a specific aspect of our fitness.  But that’s the aim of CrossFit; a broad, general fitness.

It’s pretty humorous to listen to the commentary that goes on after workouts and how it, along with the athletes goals, changes from week to week.

Athlete A: “Man, that workout was hard! I suck at cardio, I really need to work on my cardio.  I’m going to start adding in extra running workouts a few times a week”.

—2 days Pass, Athlete A has done 1 or 2 extra running workouts during these 2 days—

Athlete A: “I hate workouts with double unders in them! I just suck at them so much!  I’ll start practicing them every day before class”.

—3 days pass, Athlete A has forgotten about their commitment to running and works double unders every day—

Athlete A: “I need to get stronger.  My 1RM deadlift is so low!”  I’m going to deadlift 2-3 times a week for the next month”.

—A week later, Athlete A has completed 3 deadlift workouts.  She remembers her commitment to running, does one extra running workout, and picks up a jump rope once to practice doubles—

Athlete A: “Man my cardio sucks.  These long workouts really crush me.  I need to start running more!”

This, my friends, is called having training ADD.  The result of this athlete’s commitment to being uncommitted to any one specific goal is little to no progress in any of these goals.

If instead, Athlete A chose to work on a single goal until it was accomplished, all three goals would be achieved in a much quicker time frame.

Don’t suffer from training ADD!  Set a single goal and work towards it until you accomplish it.  Yes, in CrossFit, you don’t need to narrow your focus.  Your focus could be getting better at everything.  This is fine, but just be aware that everything won’t increase at the same rate.


What do you guys think, make or miss?

Workout of the Day

6 minute AMRAP of:

4 Power Snatch (135/95)

8 Lateral Burpees

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