So, let’s take just a minute and talk about everyone’s favorite topic, other than Paleo, injuries. Recently, due to an unforeseen moment of weakness, I broke my hand. One swift surgery and two screws later I was on the road to recovery. During my recovery use of my left hand for pretty much anything was impossible. But there is no way this would stop me from continuing Crossfit, I would just have to find the good in a bad situation.
Now a couple weeks and one still broken hand later I have taught myself to (all with one arm) deadlift, clean, hang power clean, front squat (zombie squats, thanks coach Rob), push press, split jerk and conquered a 110 lbs power snatch.  Just remember as soon as you are healthy enough work the injured part of your body so you can even back out. My right shoulder is slightly bigger then my left!!

What I am getting at with all this is that injuries are just a part of life and we have all dealt with our fair share of them. Remember Crossfit is about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and adapting to and overcoming any situation. When I first broke my hand I thought I wouldn’t be able to do Crossfit for the next six weeks, but with knowing my strengths and this new weakness I was able to scale and adapt what I needed to in an effort to continue my training. Dealing with injuries is never an easy road to go down, but the journey is what Crossfit is all about. So stay strong, do what you can do and don’t give up, scale and adapt where needed (if you are unsure just ask us) and you will be back to destroying WOD’s and PR’s before you know it. Maybe a 115 lbs one arm snatch, who knows.

Workout of the Day


30 Snatches for time.

<5 minutes +10#

>5 minutes -10#

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