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We are halfway through the Paleo Challenge. Everyone who has been submitting a food journal has been doing great and hopefully things are starting to get easier and more natural for you. I have noticed people are cooking a lot of interesting paleo recipes and wanted to share a few with you.

From Hope’s food journal I saw carrot pudding, which sounded interesting. I looked up a recipe and for all you carrot cake lovers, this looks delicious! http://paleomg.com/sugar-detox-carrot-cake-pudding/

For those of you who crave salty and not sweet, Jason made cauliflower hummus and said it was great. Here is a recipe for that. http://www.paleoplan.com/2012/01-12/paleo-hummus/

Getting creative with new recipes is what makes paleo fun for me. I found a new hobby in cooking and enjoy experimenting with different paleo recipes. This helps me from cheating because I never feel deprived or as if I am missing out. You can take any of your favorite foods and find a healthy substitute. Anyone who has a great paleo recipe please send it in to me!

I do love me some carrot cake!

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