Today we are kicking off our Fall 2012 Paleo Challenge.  Here’s a quick recap of the rules:

  • 30 day challenge.  Partners are allowed, but not required.
  • All participants will complete our test workout sometime during the first 5 days of the challenge.  The workout will be programmed for Tuesday.  If you can’t make it on Tuesday, let a coach know and you can make the workout up on a different day.
  • All participants will re-test the same workout on November 6th.
  • You must submit a food journal to Maddie or Rob every week in order to be eligible to win.
  • The challenge is scored on the total point difference between your initial AMRAP score and your re-test AMRAP score.  The catch: every cheat item you have during the 30 days deducts 1 point from your re-test AMRAP.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Awesome hip extension Misha!

Workout of the Day

1 RM Clean & Jerk



30 Clean & Jerks for time (135/95)

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