You may have noticed during warm-ups we have been concentrating on a lot of upper back/thoracic mobility lately.  Thoracic mobility is extremely important because a tight upper back can lead to funky mechanics other places in the body.   For example, a few of you have been experiencing lateral elbow pain or some sort of deep shoulder pain of late.  While these are indications of missing internal rotation at the shoulder, the missing internal rotation may be a manifestation of a tight upper back.  This means you can mobilize the shoulder all day, but until you take care of your upper back tightness the pain will keep coming back.

All the moves we use in CrossFit are considered core-to-extremity movements.  Attacking our mobility from core to extremity makes complete sense considering the demands all of our movements place on our mid-line stability.

Here are a couple thoracic mobility drills you should start incorporating into your warm-up/cool down:

Workout of the Day

Snatch 8×2 @ 80%


Clean 8×2 @ 80%

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