Part of the beauty of CrossFit is being able to use functional movements as a diagnostic tool for proper range of motion (ROM).  For example, if you cannot perform an ass-to-ankles squat ass-to-ankles, we can instantly diagnose that an athlete has tight hips, hamstrings, quads, ankles, or all the above.  Pair two moves together and we can narrow the diagnoses down even further.  Can’t squat ass to ankles AND can’t get into a proper deadlift set-up? Hamstrings and quads are the problem.

Movement diagnosis is only half the battle though.  These functional movements are great for identifying problem areas, but they can only take you so far in fixing the movement dysfunction.  This is where corrective exercises come in.  Corrective exercises can be used in a number of ways.  They can be used to increase ROM, improve or establish proper movement patterns, or correct muscle imbalances from side to side.

The link below is the exercise movement library from Functional Movement Systems.  Functional Movement Systems is an exercise philosophy created to simplify movement patterns and provide quantifiable results for functional movements.

Couple the exercises with the movements we perform in CrossFit and you should see a nice boast in your performance and positioning.

Exercise Library


Matt B. giving us the proper demonstration of a crab walk.

Workout of the Day

2-Position Power Clean (Knee and Floor)

60% x3, 70% x3, 75% x3

Clean Pulls

80% x2, 85% x2


2K Row

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