1).  Avoid injury. (This could be it’s own blog post)  I know this is easier said than done but that fact is if you get injured you can’t train or at least have to modify/scale your workouts and your training will suffer.  So be smart about what you do.   Don’t be afraid to scale, it will help you in the long run.  Remember RX workouts are normally designed for about 10-15% of us, so trying to go RX when you just don’t have either the conditioning or the strength may get you injured.  Hit the mobility stuff before and after class, every time.  And if you do have an injury, get it looked at by a doctor or PT  and rest it.


2.) Show Up!  Don’t Quit!  This is one of our old saying which is quite simple.  Show Up, consistently.  Every week.  Don’t cherry pick workouts.  Don’t Quit!  Unless you are injured, don’t quit on yourself, continue to push hard.  Consistency is the key,  keep showing up and working hard and the results will come.


3.) Rest, Quit Overtraining.   You may have heard the name Chris Speallar,  he’s the only person to compete in all 5 CrossFit Games and he always finishes in the top ten.  Guess what he doesn’t do??  Multiply WODs on the same day.  He’s 3 days on 1 day off.  CrossFit New England, they won the affiliate competition at the 2012 games.  Guess what??? One WOD a day.   This doesn’t mean you can’t practice skills or technique with low intensity, but if you are redlining three workouts a day, you’ll eventually break down.  And for you WODaholiks, rest days don’t mean you have to lay on the couch watching tv, you can take an active rest day.  Biking, hiking, swimming, etc.  Just leave the stopwatch at home.   Listen to your body,  if it’s telling you to take a day off, do it.


4.) Listen To Your Coach.  Besides your body, the next best person to listen to is not your wife (or husband), it’s your coach.  As coaches, we LOVE to see our athletes succeed.  This is why we became coaches.  If we tell you to scale, there’s a reason why.  If we tell you to go heavier, there’s a reason why.  If you ask you to do something you’re not good at, or don’t like to do, there’s a reason why.  Two more points on coaching…….one, the best athletes are rarely the best coaches, think Phil Jackson.   And two, everyone needs a coach, think Micheal Jordan.


5.)  Have Fun.  This could easily be #1.  If you have fun and enjoy working out, you’ll stick with it.  Remember the big picture, you’re doing this to improve your health and fitness, now and in the future.  It’s doubtful any of us are doing to get paid for being an athlete or a professional exercises (CrossFitter).  Don’t get down on yourself if you’ve had a bad workout, there are plenty of people out there that don’t have the good fortune to workout in an amazing gym with amazing people like we do at CFDR.    Keep on smiling.







Workout of the Day

6×3 Front Squat @ 80%


10 rounds for time of:
10 T2B
10 Walking Lunges



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