I want to congratulate every single member of the CFDR team for competing in the Open.  The effort you all gave each and every week was motivational and inspiring.  Although, we fell short of moving on to the next round I’m proud of everyone who participated.  We saw amazing performances from our newest athletes to our firebreathers.  The energy in the gym on Saturday mornings was at the highest levels we’ve seen and the camaraderie you all demonstrated was what makes CFDR such a great place to train.   I’m proud to coach such a great group of people.

We finished the Open ranked 36th out of 142 teams in the Mid-Atlantic region, but we’re #1 in Maryland. 

In other Open news……..Rich Froning Jr., the 2011 Fittest Man in the World, finished the Open as the #1 fittest man in the world.  David Tanenholz, who was gunning for Froning’s crown, finished only 21,539 spots behind the champ.  Here’s a look at how each athlete stacked up week-to-week.

Tanenholz               Froning

Wk 1: 65                   141

Wk 2: 34                  98

Wk 3: 138                531

Wk 4: 155                309

Wk 5:  14                 161

Person I’d most like to coach on a scale of 10:

Tanenholz: 10      Froning: 0


Tanenholz, aka CrossFit Sponge Bob!

Froning, the world's fittest man.















Workout of the Day

Overhead Squats


**The goal of this work out is to do all 5 set as close to your 3 rep Max as possible, aiming for the highest volume.


3 x 170 = 510

3 x 170 = 510

3 x 175 = 525

3 x 175 = 525

3 x 175 = 525

Total Volume = 2595

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