CrossFit has many terrific qualities about it.  One that I particularly like is the need for CrossFit athletes to be active in their fitness.  This isn’t a globo gym where you go in and the only thing you are worried about it getting a burn.  Part of what we as coaches are trying to teach you is body awareness and the ability to self-correct.

The movements we learn while doing CrossFit are not simply causing muscular changes.  Yes we’re building lean muscle mass, but the real benefit of squats, presses, deadlift, o-lifts, gymnastics, etc is the neurological changes we see.  We are learning the skill of squatting, learning the skill of gymnastics.  The difference between a 300 pound deadlift and a 400 pound deadlift isn’t just an increase in muscle contraction potential or muscle mass.  It’s also about learning how to fire your muscle correctly and teaching yourself to reproduce that feeling over and over at the necessary time.

We all love to set PR’s, but it is not necessary to set a PR every time you step into the gym.  Next time you squat or deadlift, challenge yourself to “feel” the movement before you start piling the weight on, and to maintain that feeling throughout the session.  If you don’t feel your abs and hamstring firing during a deadlift, then figure out how to get them to fire.  Understanding the movement and how to get your body to work for you will take you a long way in terms of avoiding injury and improving your fitness.


Plotnick and David T. demoing some double unders. As their technique improves, the doubles will get easier and easier.

Workout of the Day

For time:

800 m Run

50 Broad Jumps (6’/6′)

800 m Run


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