Name: Alyssa Grauman

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Age: 32

Family: It’s complicated (that works on Facebook, does it work here too?) :)

Started CrossFitting? 2 months ago — Dec 2011

Favorite WOD? So far I’ve had an intense love/hate relationship with every single WOD I’ve done

Least Fav WOD? See previous response

Sport and Fitness background?  Any new sports you would like to try?  Soccer has basically been my life.  Growing up, I played for my high school and on a Bethesda club team and then played club at the University of Michigan (2000 National champs!).  I was never motivated to do any weight lifting or strength training until I found Crossfit.  As for new sports, I’m pretty open to anything that doesn’t require water or snow.  

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?  Honestly, I was first introduced to Crossfit via Facebook.  I kept seeing several of my friends tagged in pictures where they looked totally ripped and my recurring thought was “I want to look like THAT.”  So, I did an internet search and found CFDR.  I was terrified to come in for my first intro session, which I suppose was warranted given that I was sore and exhausted for about a week afterwards!  Regardless, I quickly became addicted to the entire Crossfit experience and keep coming back for more!

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?   After only 2 months, I can already tell that I’m gaining strength in my upper body and becoming more toned overall.  Also, my entire daily schedule has changed because of Crossfit, which is awesome!  I’ve never been someone who could work out in the mornings — I used to stay in bed until about 8:15am and roll into work around 9:30.  Now, I’m up and at ‘em by 5:45am, ready to start my workout at 7, and at work by 8:15, which also means I leave work earlier and just have more time in my day overall!  It’s been a really, really great shift!!!

What’s your favorite CrossFit/CFDR experience or memory?  So far, my favorite memory has been decreasing from a 1.75 inch band to a 1.5 inch band for pull ups.  I know it’s only a quarter of an inch difference (probably a very negligible difference), but mentally it was a symbol of real and tangible progress!  Also, part of the reason why I love Crossfit so much is that the people and coaches at CFDR are awesome!!!!  Everyone is super supportive, friendly, and encouraging, even if you’re the last to finish the WOD or get the lowest score. :)

Advice for a beginner?  I definitely still consider myself a beginner and there is so much about Crossfit that continues to intimidate me.  However, I constantly remind myself that everyone has to start somewhere!  As someone who hates losing and tends to be competitive by nature, it’s a very humbling experience to watch people routinely kick your a– on the WODs.  But, the good news is that the only place to go from the bottom is up, so I say stick with it and have fun with it!

Personal Goals? My main goal is just to build more strength and become more fit/toned doing something that I enjoy and that challenges me!

Hobbies, interests, activities outside of CrossFit? Soccer, drawing, photography, knitting, traveling, taking my dog to the dog park, chilling with my nephews.


Alyssa moving some big weight on the bench.



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