Apparently, all the Snatch practice we did on Wednesday of last week wasn’t enough to prepare us for the dozens of Snatches that 12.2 had in store. The CFDR team dropped off significantly from our strong showing in Week 1. We tied for 81st place in the Region with a total of 393. Some different members of the team; Duncan, Ben F, and Amy B helped contribute to the team’s total. We dropped out of the top 30 and fell to 51st place in the Region. We’ll have to make up a lot of ground over the next three weeks if we want to have a shot at making Regionals.

At the individual level our own Coach Robbie Koebke moved up about 30 spots and is 96th in the Mid Atlantic. Coach Maddie also moved into the top 100 and is sitting at 99th.

Although, the team didn’t fair to well overall, we saw a lot of amazing efforts and accomplishments on Saturday. The energy at CFDR was at its peak and all the athletes gave inspirational efforts. Jon Minkoff said it best after snatching his personal best for 7 reps. “That’s the beauty of competition.”

The location for Regionals was announced this week and will be at the Prince George’s Sport and Learning Complex, 8001 Sheriff Road Landover, MD. May 4-6, mark your calendars.

12.3 will be announced tonight at 8pm. Any thoughts? Will we see something with more than one movement? I’m hearing double-unders around the gym? Could we see a Thruster/Double Under couplet?? When are the Chest-to-Bar pull-ups coming??? Could we see a high level gymnastic skill come up??

Team CFDR will probably need a top 30 finish this week to move us back into contention. Let’s bring our A game on Saturday.


Workout of the Day
For time:
500 m Row
40 Bar-facing burpess
30 Push Press (95/65)
20 T2B
10 Power Snatches (95/65)

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