I first found CrossFit about four years ago and in that time I’ve seen some amazing things.  The decrease in WOD times, increase in strength, speed and work capacity has gone through the roof across the board for CrossFit in general.  But the accomplishments I have seen from the women continue to blow my mind.   It wasn’t that long ago that only the top female athletes had pull-ups, a 200lb deadlift was top level and getting 100lbs over head was rare.  Wow, have the times changed.  The women of CrossFit are kicking ass and taking names.  Sure the guys do some incredible stuff, but the bar the women are setting is amazing.  I’m sure the top 50 female athletes that make it to the Games could be 75%+ of the male CrossFit athlete across the globe.

Look at  just the women here at CFDR, we probably have a half dozen that can run with a majority of the men.  Amy Greene beat 17 guys last Tuesday on “Death by Pull-Ups” with a 135 total.  Insane.  Linda Andrews can do a pull-up with 50lb extra pounds strapped to the belt.   Rachel Gassert, just hit a 600lb CrossFit Total which isn’t to far behind a lot of the guys.  Elise has a muscle-up.  And these are only a few examples.

I love it when any of our athletes set PRs or hit new milestones, but it’s really exciting to witness some of the amazing things the ladies are accomplishing.  We better not slack off men, because the women are coming for us.


Elise, one of our many awesome female CrossFitters, kicking ass.

Workout of the Day

3 rounds for time of:

75 Double Unders

50 Sit-ups

4 Rope Climbs

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