There has been much debate online whether something like the softball throw at the CrossFit games was fair. Those athletes who had either played baseball or softball generally did much better than their inexperienced counterparts. On the other hand, some have commented that CrossFit athletes, though broadly trained will become experts in unusual things such as doing 100 kipping pull ups, especially the next generation of CF Kids that are starting at age 5. Therefore in order to truly test for the fittest man or woman on earth, they MUST mix up the programming. Furthermore, it has always been part of the CrossFit prescription to, “Regularly try and play new sports.”

You are now stronger, faster, have more endurance and are more flexible. Trying a new sport is a great opportunity to try out your new athletic skills.

What new sport do you want to try or have tried? Post to comments.

Reminder: Rock Climbing at Earth Trek on August 14th at 11 AM.
If you plan to attend post to comments or sign up in lounge.

The word on Facebook is that Matt B tries a lot of new sports and acitivities. Although, he's only been training with us for a few months I bet CrossFit is helping.

Workout of the Day

Dynamic Effort – Box Squat



8x200m runs

 1min rest between runs

Try to all runs within 5sec of fastest time.

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