Open water swim, biking, monkey bars, sled push, sled pull, soft ball throw.  This years games had it all.  Lots of new events that most of us probably never do.  Did you get a chance to catch any of the action this weekend?  If not, you can go to the archives on the games website and check it out.  I suggest that you do.   If you did get a chance to watch or follow the reporting on Facebook, what did you think?  What was the coolest part of the games for you?   Who or what inspired you? Anything you didn’t like? Post thoughts to comments.


Possible future CrossFit Games competitors learning how to deadlift!

Workout of the Day

3 rounds of

21 Overhead Squats (95/65)

15 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

9 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

rest appr. 3 mins between rounds

Score = average of all three rounds

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