The surge in minimalism did not arise through copying or cross-pollination; instead, it seemd to be testament to the urgent need for a response  to the running-injury epidemic, and the pure mechanical logic of, as Barefoot Ted would call it, “the bricolage of barefooting’ – the elegance of a less-is-more cure.  – Born To Run

Hopefully by now you realize how bad traditional running shoes  are for your feet, knees, legs, running,  etc.  All the cushion, padding, gel inserts, air shocks, and zig technologies that the big shoe company have lied to you about for years are the fastest way to get an injury.  Plantar Factitious, IT band problems, knee injury, and shin splits are just a few of the more common injuries that were rarely seen 30 years ago but, are unfortunately common in 8 out of 10 runners today, due to big bulky running shoes.

Over the past few years many recreational runners have been trending to a more “minimalist” shoe.  If you look around the gym you will see Vibram Five Fingers, Inov-8s, Merrell(which use the Vibram soles) and maybe some Nike Frees among other.  We absolutely recommend you start to make the move to a minimalist shoe, but jumping for an inch thick heel right to some Vibrams is a recipe for some sore calves and even worse an injury.  You will need to transition the the minimalist shoe slowly (check out the Inov 8 site for some tips). Developing a more natural running style requires a gradual transition between increasingly minimalist shoes.

Tips for a successful transition:

– start doing some easy running on grass in your barefeet

-keep the distance very short at first and slowly increase volume each week

-start doing short-medium distance runs with your new minimalist shoes in order for the legs to start to adjust (less than a mile and build from there)

-continue using you old running shoe for longer distance runs


What minimalist shoes do you where and why?  How do you like them?  What has your experience been?  Sore cavles, injuries, faster running??? Post to comments.

Melissa, enjoys a run in her Vibrams.

Workout of the Day

For time:

1000m Row

800m OGT Hill Run

60 Box Jumps

40 Pull-Ups

20 DB Thrusters

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