The “Spartan Death Race,” is a 24-hour obstacle-course competition that is advertised as so difficult it “will make giving birth seem like a walk in the park.” This is probably one of the most extreme versions of the many popular races such as the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder. This ultimate endurance race is just about anything, including crawl through muddy troughs covered in barbed wire, jump through flames, solve puzzles, chop wood, carry water and learn Greek.Yes, they have to learn a language!

Typically, fewer than a quarter of participants are able to finish this grueling race. However all eyes were on Hobie Call, a 34-year-old father of five who installs air conditioning for a living.

Hobie Call was working hard for an $100,000 dollar prize to anyone who can win 14 of 16 “Spartan” races this year and as of June 25th of this year he won 6 in a row. Amazing! Because he doesn’t know exactly what the race will involve, Hobie Call has been training by running around his neighborhood, wearing a 30-pound vest and repeatedly tossing a 30-pound stone. Occasionally, he has thrown the stone down a ravine and chased after it. You can learn more about the death race at

He had race organizers so worried that they put a bounty on his head and would pay anyone who could beat this guy at the Death Race.

He says runners don’t have the upper-body strength to beat him and the buff guys are too slow.

“It’s my combination of strength and speed,” he says. “Good luck finding somebody.”

Hobie unfortunately joined the 90 percent after going slightly hypothermic after a lengthy stay in 40-degree water. For a guy with about 6 percent body fat, enough was enough!  He has been having so much fun he will continue racing. Sounds like someone is CrossFit to me! What an amazing story.


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