In preparation for CFDR’s Spring Lean Out Challenge, we want to help you be successful. Please let us know all your Paleo questions and we will try to answer as many questions as possible. We want any question you can think of … here are a couple that people have asked to get you thinking:

  • What do I tell people when they ask why Paleo is better?
  • My (boyfriend, husband, wife, parents, etc.) think I am crazy for not eating bread (or insert other food here), what should I tell them? How do I get them off my back?
  • Should my kids eat Paleo?
  • Why no dairy? Why no beans? Why no alcohol?
  • Is mayo paleo?
  • I travel alot, how can I stay Paleo?
  • When I go strict Paleo I don’t lose weight, why not?
  • I crave the sweet stuff, how can I manage?

Send us all your crazy paleo questions. If you want to you can e-mail Rob directly with your paleo questions or post them on the blog.

Good luck, and let’s set some new PRs.

Linda S, looking good on a run. And I'm not talking about the cool shades, I'm talking abour her Pose running.

Workout of the Day

Dynamic Box Squats

12×2 @ 55% of 1RM


Max Effort Bench Press

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