Name: Daniel Bond

Occupation: Air Force

Fitness/Sports/Athletic Background: Soccer/Hockey/Track in high school, Hockey in college

Family: Parents/Sister

When did you start CrossFitting? October 2010

How did you hear about CrossFit? I had heard about crossfit when I lived in Boston, but Kashtan invited us all to come once we moved here.

What do you like/dislike about CrossFit? I like the progression of some skills gives me a good idea of how Im doing and I have a love/hate relationship with lifting due to my prior lack of any serious lifting.

Favorite WOD/Exercises/Skill? Pullups, double unders, running, anything that doesnt make me look weak!

Least favorite WOD/exercise/skill? Press, olympic lifts especially since I never do them right

Besides CrossFit what do you like to do? Usually try to go climbing 2-3 times a week, running, drinking (of course only small quantities)

Goals for 2011? Get stronger/better lifts, train for Marine Corps Marathon, butterfly kip pullups

Advice for a newbie? It can be frustrating when you start and everyone else seems to be amazing at everything.  I know it took me awhile to get double unders down and kipping pullups and I had some pretty embarrassing workout times due to this.  I think it benefited me though to struggle through and try to do them, because usually no matter how much I practiced stuff before the wods these things didnt usually click for me till I was actually struggling through them on the wods.  Same thing with lifts I doubt I would have gone as heavy as I did if my friends weren’t there laughing at me for using such lightl weights and I’ve found that it was usually more mental than physical for me.

Bond, works the bar-facing-bupees!

Workout of the Day

Dynamic Effort- Bench
9×3 @ 50% 1RM
2k Row


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