The maximal effort (ME) method is considerd by many coaches and athlets to be the superior method of strength development.  It places great demands on both intramuscular and intermuscular coordination and stimulate the muscular and central nervous system.  These demands force the body into greater adaptation.  This adaptation is responsible for great strength gains.  When training using the ME method, the inhibition of the central nervous system is reduced.  Thus, the maximum number of motor units is activated with optimal discharge frequency.   – EFS Basic Training, by Dave Tate.


Sample Max Effor Progression (the right way!)

Deadlift: Previous personal record, 225 x 1.

Set    Rep   Weight

1        10         45

1        5          95

1         5          115

1         3          135

1         3          155

1         3          175

1         2          195

1         1           205

1         1          220

1         1          235

There are severn warm-up sets being done before getting to the single reps (working reps).  This a great way to increase strength, avoid injury and increase work capacity.  The total volume of training is close to 4000lbs.

  • Perform one ME Lower Body/Upper Body movement per week.
  • Perform only one exercise per workout.
  • Warm-up using sets 0f 3-5 reps and work to a new PR
  • Three sets should be above 90 percent.
  • Changes exercises every 1-3 weeks, depending on training level.
  • Keep track of records.


Alex, cleaning during Open WOD 11.5!

Workout of the Day

Max Effort – Deadlifts

Warm-up to 3 singles 90%+, then set a PR!

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