I just wanted to remind everyone about our Lake Anna Event.  It’s right around the corner and we need to get a head count to help with planning.  Please sign up at the gym if you plan on joining us.  Remember, this is a family event and it should be a blast.  We hope you can make it.
Lake Anna is 100 miles from the Crossfit facility, approximately 30 miles west of Fredricksburg, VA.  It takes two hours to get there. The lake is heated by a nuclear power plant.  The swimming season begins on April 1 and goes through Nov 1.  In late April, the water will be in the mid to high 70’s – no wet suit needed. I have a waterfront, 5 BR house with a private dock.
The events for the mini-triathlon will be:
  • .7 mile swim from the dock  to a buoy and back – if you can’t swim, you can kayak 2 miles as an alternate (15-30 minutes)
  • 4.2 mile run (rolling terrain) (25-50 minutes)
  • 20 mile bike on lightly traveled road (to the town of Mineral and Back) (60-100 minutes)
The overall event should take somewhere between 2 to 3 hours with a big BBQ to follow.
No prizes, no registration, no fees, no organization – either do it for time competitively with one and other, or just do it as a workout. People who don’t wish to take part in race can water ski, wakeboard, jet ski, sail, kayak, windsurf, stand up paddle board, or use a one man rowing shell. All the equipment is there, ready to go.  Families are welcome.
The agenda for the weekend is to:
  • Arrive on Friday night or Saturday, May 7th. For anyone looking to stay the night, beds are first RSVP, first served.  After that, sleeping bags on the floor.
  • Race will start at 2pm on Saturday afternoon with the BBQ starting around 6pm.
  • Sunday, we’ll have lunch on the grill and maybe an outdoor WOD.  People can recreate, use the sauna, get in the hot tub, play with the toys, take off around dinner, get home by 8PM.
We are going to limit this to 30-35 people.   Please sign up at the gym, this is going to be a very fun weekend.

Beautiful Lake Anna!

Workout of the Day

Dynamic Effort- Box Squats

12×2 @ 50% of your 1RM


8 min AMRAP of

21 Kettle Bell/Dumbell Swings

15 Walking Lunges

9 Sit-Ups

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