Flexibility is sometimes forgotten as one of the 10 components of physical fitness. Its probably because there are no AMRAPs that say do as many splits as possible in 5 minutes! However a lack of flexibility can result in a loss of performance. For example, if you lack flexibility in your lats, you may find it difficult to maintain a front rack position for your clean and jerk, thruster or front squat. Thanks to Coach Rob, who reminds us frequently, we all know how important flexibility is. Here are several basic stretches thanks to MobilityWOD.blogspot.com you should know and can do on your own time or after a WOD. Click on the picture to go to the video demonstrating each movement.

1. Heal Cord & Calves

2. Front of Hips

3. Shoulders and Bands


4. High Groin/Hamstring


5. Hamstring


6. More Hips and Glutes


7. Feet


8. Shoulder Bade/Rib Cage


9. Neck and Traps


Happy Stretching!

- Amy B.


Workout of the Day

4 Rounds of

1 min Max Squats

1 min Max Push-Ups

1 min Max Sit-Ups

1 min Max Pull-ups

1 min Rest

Score = Total Reps

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