Hometown: Enfield, CT
Age: 23
Family: I’m the youngest of 4 children, mom and dad 

Started CrossFitting? When I moved to Maryland, August 2010

Favorite WOD? Any heavy lifting Max Effort WOD

Least Fav WOD? Any WOD that involves burpies.

Sport and Fitness background? I played baseball throughout high school and wrestled briefly. I rowed for a season in college and weight-lifted since I was 14.

How did you get exposed to CrossFit? Tell us about your first WOD? I was exposed to crossfit by the fitness god Harris Kashtan. My first WOD was wall balls and air squats 7 minute AMRAP. I thought it was so intense and it was just the very tip of the iceberg.

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? I’ve leaned out and my endurance has sky rocketed. I’ve definitely become more proportional strength wise, but I will always miss my curls…and so do the girls.

What’s your favorite CrossFit/CFDR experience or memory? Any time that bond looses always brings a smile to my face, but my favorite moment was when I set my dead lift PR after working on mobility with Harris for a month straight.

Advice for a beginner? Focus on mobility! Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more.

Hobbies, interests, activities outside of CrossFit? Skiing, snowboarding, traveling, and my life is pretty much dominated by school work, which the other USUHS people can attest to.

Ben, sets the new gym record with a 245lb squat clean and jerk!
Workout of the Day
for time:
3 Rounds of
400m Run
21 Dumbell Snatch L-Arm
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