Rachel: 28  Wes: 29

Started CrossFitting? Rachel, end of November 2010.

Wes, went through the 101 in Feb 2011.

Favorite WOD? Rachel: My favorite thus far has been Nancy. My goal is to try it with the prescribed weight. I like anything that includes running because I feel that’s my strength.

Wes: I haven’t been exposed to too many WOD’s yet, but I’ve enjoyed the heavy-lifting WOD’s the most so far.

Least Fav WOD? Rachel: Anything with pull ups or push ups and I really hate jumping rope.

Wes: Double Unders and anything else that involves a jump rope.

Sport and Fitness background? Wes: Been playing inline and ice hockey as well as field hockey for a few years now. I used to play baseball, but destroyed my shoulder a few years after college.  Also I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year.  I’m training for the 2011 Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic in October and thought CrossFit would be a good training tool.

Rachel: Have been playing field hockey for 15 years, began distance running about three years ago and ran my first marathon last fall. Half marathons are my preferred distance though.

How did you get exposed to CrossFit? Rachel: Tell us about your first WOD? My friend Katie, who lives in Durham, NC, started doing crossfit awhile ago and really loves it. When I saw the Living Social special, I thought it was a great opportunity to try it so I signed up. I don’t really rememeber my first WOD but I remember thinking it wasn’t that hard and I didn’t work out for very long. My impression of WODs has definitely changed!
Tell us about your first WOD? Wes: I don’t remember my first WOD too much, but I do remember feeling exhausted afterward and thinking I never get this type of workout at a typical gym.

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? Rachel: The main thing I noticed was how humbling it is! I thought I was in good shape before I started and now I realize how much more I can improve. I never thought I’d be so winded during a 12 minute workout. I do feel that I’m getting stronger, but I really want to improve even more.

Wes: I’ve only been doing it just over a month now, but I’ve already noticed that my strength and speed have increased.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results after an extended period of time.

What’s your favorite CrossFit/CFDR experience or memory? Rachel:  Recently, I was the first to finish Nancy and there were a lot of really strong athletes there that day. I felt very proud but I wished I had used more weight.

Wes: I just enjoy the competitive/group atmosphere.  I would never push myself as much as I do at CFDR without the group dynamic and the coaches pushing us.

Advice for a beginner? Wes: Don’t be intimidated and just continue to show up.
Rachel: Get ready to be humbled!

Hobbies, interests, activities outside of CrossFit?
Rachel:  I still play field hockey as much as I can and I’m a huge UNC-Chapel Hill basketball fan (that’s my alma mater). Also, I enjoy hashing, which is a social running club where a pack of runners has to find a trail set with flour and at the end we all celebrate with a few cold beverages. Finally, I’m super passionate about my job where I work with jurisdictions around the country to reduce juvenile incarceration.
Wes: Playing sports (hockey), watching my favorite teams (Terps, Caps, Mets), and keeping my dog busy.

Workout of the Day
1000m Row
45 Thrusters – 45lbs
30 Pull-Ups
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