Linda A training the L-Sit. An L-sit is a true test of "core" strength.

If you wank a quick and easy way to improve your performance with the Olympic lifts, then you should look at fixing the feet.  A common fault I see when students are cleaning and snatching is poor jumping stance and an even worse landing position.  The jumping and landing postions in the O-lifts are one of the most important aspects of being succesful, yet they are often over-looked and rushed.

Luckily with a bit of practice this can easily be fixed, and the best part is the drill can be performed anywhere and requires no equipment.  First, learn to set your feet for the jumping position.  Two easy ways to do this are 1) drop of a small box and see where your feet land or 2) attempt to jump as high as you can, but before you actually jump…stop and check your feet.  This will be the position your feet should be in when setting up for an O-lift.  Next, mark the spot so you set up the same way everytime.  Step your feet out to your overhead squat position, which should only be about a 2 in difference from you jumping position, mark this spot as well.  Now, practice jumping and landing in a full squat postion.  Make sure to check your feet everytime and if you’re landing to wide, make the correction so you can learn to feel where the feet should be.

Do 25-50 reps everyday for a week or until you can hit the proper landing postion everytime time with having to look at your feet or think about where your feet should be.  There is enough going on with the O-lifts without having to think about foot postion.  Learn it now and watch your PRs go up.

Workout of the Day

“Bear Complex”
7 sets of the following sequence
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press
5 rounds
Rest as needed between rounds
Increase load each round

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