Name: Joel Wu
Occupation: Program Officer/Attorney
Fitness/Sports/Athletic Background: Triathlete
Family: Single

When did you start CrossFitting? In 2009 I casually started doing WOD’s that included exercises I was familiar with- mostly body weight exercises. I didn’t do any workouts that included the olympic lifts or gymnastics moves I was unfamiliar with.

How did you hear about CrossFit? I heard about crossfit from friends I worked out with.

What do you like/dislike about CrossFit?

Things I like:

– The exercises are functional, dynamic movements. The exercises are full range of motion, they utilize multiple muscle groups and joints simultaneously, and develop coordination and balance. This results in far superior outcomes in athletic performance and overall fitness compared to conventional workouts.

– Diversity of the workouts. Huge range of variety, so different aspects of fitness are continuously challenged. And you don’t get bored.

– Intensity. The workouts allow you to push yourself every time.

Things I dislike: There isn’t as much opportunity for endurance training.

Favorite WOD/Exercises/Skill? Cindy

Least favorite WOD/exercise/skill? Overhead Squats

Besides CrossFit what do you like to do?  Sports/Hobbies/Activities?Triathlons, Music- (I’m a drummer,) Eating good food, Video Games…

Goals for 2011? International/Olympic Triathlon time of 2:30 or less. Bench press body weight.

Advice for a newbie? Don’t worry about how you look- everyone was a beginner at some point. Just make the effort.

Joel, focused and going strong!

Workout of the Day

Max Consecutive Pull-ups


Max Weighted Pull-up


for time:

500m Row

3 rounds

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