I just realized that I’ve been doing Crossfit on and off for almost 5 years. I’ve been really lucky to have great trainers (Mike and Max at Crossfit Oakland; Freddy and Brad at One World; Tina, Cain, and Richard at KMW; Justin and Rob at Crossfit DoneRight). When training with people like that, it’s hard to not pick up some general lessons along the way. Here are some that come to mind:

If you suck at something, practice it nonstop. You will be surprised by how quickly you improve.

What gets measured, gets improved. If you don’t measure something, it’s hard to know if you’re getting better.

You will do better when you don’t have anything to prove. If you’re focused on looking good, meeting expectations, etc., you simply won’t do as well.

Brute strength is ineffective without a good strategy. I’ve seen strategy, skills, technique, etc. beat pure strength more times than I can count.

You can do a good job by yourself, but a better job when you have the support of others. Great peers will encourage and inspire you to work harder than you would have alone.

The more you dread a challenge, the more reason there is to face it. Overcoming simple challenges now will give you (psychological) ammo to overcome harder challenges later. Doing something you didn’t think you could do feels awesome.

Setting goals improves results. Having a goal makes you work harder, whereas without a goal, you’re usually happy with however your first few attempts go.

Over time, hard work beats innate talent. When a group of people starts doing something for the first time, the initial differences in performance are mostly genetic. A few years later, the differences are almost entirely based on how much time and effort each person put in.

What does everyone else think? What lessons have you learned while pursuing Crossfit (or other hobbies)?

-Leo Polovets

Leo, during a CrossFit Fundraisor in California.

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