Name: Andrew Brannan
Occupation: IT Security Contractor
Fitness/Sports/Athletic Background: Tae Kwon Do Black Belt (age 18), twice qualified for National Junior Olympics representing Ohio, competed once, was wheeled out of the ring on a stretcher (no lasting injury).  Even as a Black Belt, my cardio stank, but my form was good.  A two year bout of neurocardio syncope (a.k.a. randomly passing out for no reason) got me off the workout horse, not to return.
Family: Wife (10 years and counting) One son (4 1/2 years old) Daughter due in mid-May
When did you start CrossFitting? June 2010
How did you hear about CrossFit? An article in Men’s Fitness that I just randomly decided to buy.  Read about the workout, felt it was the exact type of workout I was looking for.  Hit the Web and found CFDR.
What do you like/dislike about CrossFit?   Like: The feeling of community, regardless of current skill level.  Dislike: That I have to get up at 5:30 to make it to a class that fits my schedule (More of a problem with my schedule than with CFDR’s)
Favorite WOD/Exercises/Skill? Oly Lifts, I didn’t expect to, as I came in more interested in the bodyweight work, but I’ve found I really like lifting.
Least favorite WOD/exercise/skill?  AMRAP WoDs, though I expected to hate running more.
Besides CrossFit what do you like to do? Sports/Hobbies/Activities?  My main hobby is collecting hobbies.  RIght now, the ones at the front of the line are repairing broken electronics and European/Designer Board games (What!?  It’s a real thing!)
Goals for 2011? Make my workouts more regular and reliable, participate in at least one outside of class event (tough mudder, warrior run, lifting meet, something).
Advice for a newbie? Push yourself, but pace yourself.  Making it through a workout does more for you than a low first round time with a DNF.

Andrew, sets up for a press.

Happy Birthday Jon(today) and Melissa(yesterday)!!!
Workout of the Day
for time:
100 Squats
50 Push-Ups
100 Pull-Ups
50 Push-Ups
100 Squats
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