Mastering the “push away” at the top is an important part of getting multiple kipping pull ups.

How to Do It – At the top of the pull-up, push your body away from the bar, however it is important to maintain a controlled descent. This “push away” then creates the momentum or swing for your next pull-up. The more momentum you have on the bar, the easier the pull up will be.

For some of you, when you get to the top of the pull-up you simply drop to the bottom of the pull up and hang there. Do you ever feel like you are doing pull ups in sets of ones? This may be why. This dropping movement is not only hard on your joints, especially if you do not control your descent; it also is an inefficient.

Open mouth wide, take a deep belly breath, get tight, lift!

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30 Snatches(135/95)

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