Butterfly, Kipping, and Dead Hang – Oh My! It can all be a little overwhelming.

One of the greatest things about the CrossFit program is that it is broad, general and inclusive fitness. Though there are standards of movement, for example getting a chin over the bar during a pull-up, there are many ways to do a pull-up.

Some prefer to use the hip drive (some refer to this as the frog kick) to create momentum to get themselves over the bar. On the other hand, the jarring motion created by the hip drive creates extra swing that the athlete has to stabilize and can lead to exhaustion. In gymnastics, the kipping pull-up
focuses on upper body strength, utilizing the lats and shoulders to open and close the body to create a swing. However, some people lack the strength to get over the bar without the additional hip drive, but then how do we ever get stronger if we rely on our lower body? Then there is the butterfly kip. It
is a great technique to string a lot of pull-ups together, however people criticize that people who do butterfly kips do not get full range of motion (chin over the bar) or that the jerkiness of the movement can hurt your elbows if not done correctly.

I know people have lots of opinions, what do you think?

For those of you who subscribe to the CrossFit Journal, you can check out these videos for a reference:

  • Crash Course: The Butterfly Kip by Chris Spealler
  • Kipping Pull-Ups with Jeff Tucker (gymnastics pull-up)

Workout of the Day

3min Max OverHead Squats

3min Max Double Unders

2min Max OverHead Squats

2mins Max Double Unders

1min Max OverHead Squats

1min Max Double Unders

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