Hand care is a must for a CrossFitter, especially during pull-up month. Our families may think we are weird using a dremel to sand down our calluses at night, but it works! There are several things you can do to prevent ripping your hands during a WOD. Here are a few:

  • Friction is the enemy – too much chalk will make your hands rip
  • Keep your calluses shaved down and flat
  • Do CrossFit! – yes, as you work out, your hands will get tougher and be able to handle doing more work
  • Use a towel to dry hands (instead of chalk) before pull-ups or bar work

Some people swear by having tape on the bar, others do smaller sets of pull-ups to avoid ripping. What works for you to prevent the hand rip? Post thoughts to comment.

Babak, focused hared during SDHPs.

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Max Effort: Sumo Deadlift

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