Name: Kim Williams

Occupation: Programmer Analyst / SharePoint Administrator

Fitness/Sports/Athletic Background: Joined gyms and didn’t stick with.  I like to hike, ski (don’t do often enough), kayak

Family: Two sons – oldest Matthew works with the Secret Service, youngest Steven, lives in CA and is a struggling actor.  Mom, sister, and nephew live in VA.

When did you start CrossFitting? 2009

How did you hear about CrossFit? I’ve been bowling with Amy for a few years and she kept telling me about how great CrossFit is and that I really needed to try it out, so I did and I love it.

What do you like/dislike about CrossFit? I like the WODs and sometimes at the time doing them, dislike them, but even on the days that I don’t like them, after the WOD is finished I liked it.  I liked pushing myself (which I need to do more of), I would never push myself that much going to a regular gym or at home.  So even sometimes I’m dying afterwards, I really do like it.

Favorite WOD/Exercises/Skill? Fight Gone Bad.

Least favorite WOD/exercise/skill? Overhead squats and Burpees

Besides CrossFit what do you like to do? Sports/Hobbies/Activities?  Hiking, kayaking, Skiing, traveling.

Goals for 2011? Work on technique, strength, and endurance.

Advice for a newbie? Keep with it.  I found it to be so much better then going to a sports club or a personal trainer.  I’ve learned so much more and pushed myself more than I would have at any of those other places and the encouragement from the others in class is great.

Kim goes big over head.

Workout of the Day

FGB Style and Scoring:

3Rounds of 1min max Reps

Row (Calories)

OH Lunges (45/25)

Lateral Jumps


Hang Cleans (95/65)

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