You asked for it, you got it.  February is pull-up month.   But this month I would like to do a test and see if we get results from this.  So, what I need everyone to do the next time they are in the gym is 1)max weighted pull-up 2)max pull-ups.  Then we can retest at the end of the month and see how much better everyone got.  I would also like to see some gym records being broken.  Below are the current records.

Ladies, can anyone knock Becky off the top.  Fellas,  who is going to be the first to 50?

Who is going to be the first in the gym to do an honest 1-arm pull-up?

Gym Records as of 2/3/2011

Max Pull-Ups

1) Harris 40,  Becky 16

2) Balint 37,  Linda A 11

3) Bond 36, Betine 9

Weighted Pull-Ups

1) Geno 107lbs, Linda A 35lbs

2) Justin 102lbs, Betina 22.5lbs

3) Harris 70lbs, Kristen 20lbs.

Let’s conquer the pull-up.

Betina makes the pull-ups look easy.

Workout of the Day

Dyanmic Box Squats

12×2 @ 55% of your 1RM


Weighted Pull-Ups



Max Consecutive Pull-Ups

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