Name: Eugenio C Mendoza (Geno)
Occupation: Military

Fitness/Sports/Athletic Background:
I didn’t really care too much about being fit until my service with the Army. I played basketball and football during High School. Now being fit just comes naturally.

Family: 1 little girl

When did you start CrossFitting? During my time with the 1/75th Ranger Regiment we did a lot of crossfit workout but not really being formally introduce to it unit Sept 2010. Now I am a WOD addict.

How did you hear about CrossFit? At my Unit

What do you like/dislike about CrossFit?

Likes: For me Crossfit is a life style. For some people it just another gym or a place to meet new people. But for me ever since I started doing Crossfit everything changed. The way I look at a workout or a WOD, I always want to make it harder. What I eat. What I wear. What time I sleep and how much. What I talk about at work. What I watch on TV. I have definitely changed and I like it.

Dislikes: Not having good music playing during a hard WOD. That kills me

Favorite WOD/Exercises/Skill?
My first one…which was Kelly it took me 42min to do it the first time and I wanted to DIE!!!! I thought I was fit!! Snatch is my favorite it takes a lot of power to do. Not to mention it will keep you warm during the winter.

Least favorite WOD/exercise/skill? I like the WODs but not a big fan of Burpees

Besides CrossFit what do you like to do? Sports/Hobbies/Activities? Long Runs

Goals for 2011? Attended the Regionals

Advice for a newbie? This is what my first Crossfit coach told me during the WOD Kelly.

“ Geno it’s all in your mind”. I literally wanted to stop and quit but I finished …Last but I finished!!

When you are at that point in your WOD and you can’t go anymore take a deep breath, a second to regroup and break up your reps. Keeping going and rest later. Be consistent from your war cry….you’ll know I mean when you do it the first time…. to the way you hold the bar. It’s like when a Baseball Player gets ready to hit that fastball. Your Mojo!!

Geno, hanging out before class starts.

Workout of the Day



Three single at or above 90% of your 1RM.  Set a PR on the last one.

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