I have changed my eating habits tremendously.  I’ll be interested to
see if my eating habits have changed such that I can keep up my
changes w/o journaling, or if I decide to go back to journaling.  I
don’t feel as though my workouts improved significantly, that was
disappointing,  but that could have due to an number of other
factors.  I received tons of compliments on my complexion and hair.
And more than just loosing weight, I do think I have finally been able
to change my body composition.


We now have Paleo kits for sale.  Paleo kit proceeds go to support Steve’s Club, a non-profit CrossFit Affiliate that helps inner city kids.

Small $4

Large $6

Cash Only.

Workout of the Day

20 min AMRAP of

50 Double Unders

Max Push-Ups

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