Amy hits a single arm handstand!

Megan joins in on the fun!

If you’re like me and most other CrossFitter, you’ve probably experienced some pain in the wrist from going overhead with heavy weights.  This is a common thing and can be helped with some taping of the wrist.  I recently saw a blog post about the benefits of using wrist wraps so I decided to give them a try.  Now, tape WILL definitely work, but you sometimes run into problems such as taping to tight or to loose, not comfortable, etc.

I recently bought a pair of Red Devil Wrist Wraps and I have to say I like them quite a bit.  They are very sturdy and much easier to put on then tape.  They provide great support to my wrist and make going overhead with a heavy load much more comfortable.  If you have wrist problems I would recommended getting a pair.  I bought the standard 12″ pair.

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