Pat is another new addition to the CrossFit DoneRight family.  Pat comes to us from the endurance world, he’s a competitive tri-athlete.   He has great cardio-respiratory endurance and stamina but,  I’m excited to see what some good old fashion strength training combined with heavy doses of anaerobic conditioning will do to improve his performance.  Since I am a betting man, my money is on him setting lots of PR’s.  Hopefully Pat will qualify for the Iron Man because I would LOVE to take a working vacation in Hawaii next year.  Glad to have you on board Pat!

Pat shows a nice open shoulder on his Press.

Kristen and Amy have already signed up.  Who else is interested in trying a new sport.  The sport of powelifting.  For more info check out the link. 2010 USAPL Maryland States

Don’t worry, once we have a team together we’ll have some practice sessions to make sure you familiar with rules and format.  If you don’t feel like competing, we are looking to get a HUGE group together to cheer on our athletes so mark your calendars for November 20th.

Workout of the Day

10 min AMRAP of

200m Sprint**

5 Thrusters (135/95)

**This is not a jog.  A jog is something people did in the 80’s while wearing leg warmers.  Run like someone is chasing you.

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