When I first started training out of MarVa Tots I put a few flyers up inside the gymnastics facility announcing that I was starting Crossfit classes and anyone interested could come that first week and try it for free.  I had a friend coming, who also brought a couple of co-workers and Becky, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else would be there.  Megan walked in that first Monday morning at 6am and had seen the flyer while taking her son to gymnastics class.  I think we had 4-5 people working out that first week.  Monday morning week two, just Megan and I.  It continued like that for the next 5 months, just Megan and I, 5 days a week at 6am.   Then with Megan’s recruiting help we got Meryl, then Amy and CrossFit DoneRight was on it’s way.

Megan was naturally strong when we started but she couldn’t do a pull-up.  It wasn’t even close really,  she used every assistance band I had at the time, which I believe was 3.  Her biggest goal was to do just one pull-up without any help.

I asked Megan to reflect on the past two year.

Wow, I cant believe I have been Crossfitting with Justin for two years!  How things have changed! When I started I was frequently the only person at the workout, sometimes accompanied by Becky and one other person. I was certainly the only person to come religiously 5 days a week. Since then Justin has made great strides towards building a strong, supportive Crossfit community.  We have progressed from those 1 on 1 sessions, to 6, 7, 8 or more people pushing and encouraging each other at each workout.

Moving to the new box was a milestone that brought its own set of adjustments. How great to be able to set the place up as we wanted, but I confess that I miss the fun of working out in the old gymnastics studio where we might do one arm farmer walks on the balance beam, pullups on uneven parallel bars, flips on the trampoline, add in a quick game of tag to warm up with, or set up big obstacle course for a fun friday.
The addition of lots of white boards to the box made all the difference, though. Suddenly I was accountable. Not just to myself and to others who did the same workout that day, but to anyone who works that whole week who can see how I am doing and whether I am pushing myself. The recent addition of the new leader board seems to take that friendly competitiveness one step further. Having the board stare me in the face each time we do max lifting or one of the “girls” is quite an incentive!
I think the best thing about having the gym grow is having the chance to see the tremendous progress everyone is making. Seeing Rob go from student to coach. Watching in astonishment how quickly new people adapt to the new workouts, how their fitness levels improve and their bodies change. In some ways, I see their successes as my success too, and hope they feel the same way when I do well. I am proud to be part of the community that helped them get there.
Now, for the first time ever, I am seeing if this community can help me control my diet as well as my workouts.  The latest challenge might just do that, but the jury is still out on that one! Although I am not shooting to win the challenge, hopefully I will go into year 3 a leaner, meaner me!

We did “Nicole” two weeks ago and for the first time ever, Megan did unassisted pull-ups in a WOD.  She did 22 of them.  Unfortunately, after a couple hundred  hours of coaching Megan I wasn’t there for her huge accomplishment.  Megan sent me an email that day  telling me the great news.  I was so happy for her I got a little choked up and now again, as I sit here writing this blog post tonight I find myself fighting back tears of joy.
When Megan walked in that first Monday, I didn’t just get a new student, I got a friend for life.

Look mom, no bands!

Fight Gone Bad Tomorrow.  Event Starts at 10am, Party at 12.


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