Name: Linda Andrews
Occupation: Data Analyst/Programming manager
Family: Married with 2 teenagers
Started CrossFit: I took an introduction class in May 2009 with another affiliate, but I really got started when I joined CrossFitDoneRight in August 2009.

How did you find CrossFit? I stumbled across it while searching the internet for boot camp style workouts to use in our neighborhood exercise group. When I came across CrossFit, I knew I wanted to try it out. I searched the affiliates page and found CrossFitDoneRight.

What do you like most about CrossFit? I love the social and coaching aspect of it ? doing the WODs together, the friendly competition, seeing others improve, and of course, the great coaching we get. However, if I had to say what I like most about CrossFit from a ?fitness perspective?, I have to say the well-roundedness of the program. I come from a background of doing endurance events (marathons and long distance open water swims). I had a blast doing those events but as I got older, I was dealing with chronic lower back pain, shoulder issues, trouble just moving around, taking 2-3 miles to ?warm-up? in a run. Basically, I was starting to feel old, stiff, and losing mobility. I wasn?t overtraining or injured, it just wasn?t a good balance. I realized that I needed more from a fitness program than just endurance. I tried strength training on my own but I found it boring and easy to make excuses for not doing it. CrossFit really addresses those imbalances I?ve had over the years. I?ve seen lots of improvement since starting. I especially like that my core is much stronger than before. My back rarely bothers me now. And did I mention how much fun it is to train with the other CrossFitters? Motivation is never a problem ? the issue becomes there?s not enough days to do all the WODs I want to do.

Anything you don?t? like about CrossFit? With CrossFit you quickly identify your weaknesses. I have a long list (all lifts, box jumps, wall balls, speed). That?s intimidating but a great reality check. Now that I have this long list of areas for improvement, I find it is hard to focus on what to do work on. For the folks who are able to come 4-5 times a week, I think doing the daily WODs will address this issue. For us who can?t make it as frequently, it?s harder. I try to pick WODs from the Web site to do on my own but I get so far behind, it?s difficult to decide which do to.

Favorite Exercise or WOD? I love longer metcon workouts, especially when the weights aren?t too heavy. Some of my favorites are Fight Gone Bad, Murph, and Filthy Fifties.

Least Favorite Exercise or WOD? Any heavy lifting WODs, mainly because it my weakest area.

Goals for 2010? Get better at everything!! I?d like to move up 10-15 pounds on each CrossFit Total lift. I?d like to get the form of the Olympic lifts better so that I can start working heavier weights on those too. 10 kipping pull-ups without a break, 25 double unders in a minute, take a minute off my baseline workout, and 1 muscle up (or at least on my way to do one).

Sports, Hobbies, Activities besides CrossFit? Love to read fiction, nonfiction, history ? about anything which is well-written. Don?t have much time for other things. Ask me when I?m retired?

Advice for a beginner: Just get started. You?ll see the improvements quickly. Keep the focus on your own progress but watch others for inspiration!

Workout of the Day
21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift 225lbs
Handstand push-ups

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