• Varsity Strength Geeks: Nutrition For High School Athletes

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  • Go After What You Want

    Happy Birthday Jared!! So we are all a little guilty of sitting back and waiting for things to happen for us instead of getting out there and going after what we want. Hopefully this post will bring you some motivation and direction to get off your chair and to start planning, creating, mastering way to [...]

  • Do You Want To Thrive?

    DO YOU WANT TO THRIVE? In order to THRIVE our ancestors ate probiotic foods on a daily basis; otherwise they were too weak to survive! Real Food Fermentation is a critically important dietary habit that most people today have abandoned. DO YOU KNOW WHY FERMENTED FOODS ARE GOOD FOR YOU? For starters, they promote outstanding [...]

  • Why I Did The 2014 CrossFit Open

    “Now that the CrossFit Open is over, I’d like to reflect on why I actually decided to do the Open from a hindsight perspective, so here are my 10 reasons why I did the CrossFit Open. 1. I have been doing CrossFit on and off since the Fall of 2012 and while I have had [...]

  • Suffer from lack of self control?

    If you’re one of those people who have a hard time turning down a cookie or just lack self-control in general, this could be an important post to read. A lot of people will tell you different things, you shouldn’t have the cookie, only have a half, or maybe to eat the cookie and have [...]

  • Which Category Do You Fall Under?

    The awesome thing about CrossFit is that it allows you to achieve whatever results you want for yourself.  CrossFit can be used as a training method, a recreational sport, or even an elite sport. Typically, you fall into one of the three categories mentioned. If you are maybe unsure of what you fall under or [...]

  • Reminders: Abs and Tees

    Two reminders for this week: #1: Today is the last day to order your Spring 2014 CFDR T-Shirt.  Click here to place your order. #2: Registration for the Midline Strength & Stability Clinic closes on Thursday (4/3) night at 11:59pm.  If you haven’t registered yet, do so before it’s too late!  Click here to register.

  • The Best Training Program Is The One You Follow

    “Working out is hard, there is no denying that, that must be why it is called work. I mean you get sweaty, smell bad, and you hurt. What happens though when you don’t even know what it is you’re doing, you use all that effort and don’t even get much out of it. That is [...]

  • Fix You Aching Back

    In the middle of last week I had a email exchange with one of our members, Chip, on how he should go about addressing his chronic back pain.  I asked Chip if it’d be cool if I shared the email exchange with you in hopes any of you with back pain could take something from [...]