• Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule(UPDATED)

    THURSDAY: Closed FRIDAY: OPEN GYM 9am-11am  (UPDATED) SATURDAY: Regular Schedule – Fun Partner WOD

  • The Mike Riva Exit Blog

    It would be difficult to adequately reflect on something prior to its conclusion, which makes now an excellent time to reflect on my time at CrossFit DoneRight. I’ve already made the assumption that you, the reader, is interested in my opinion, so if not, this might be a good place to stop reading. Otherwise… I […]

  • Hedge Apple Farms

    We have another grass fed meat delivery from Hedge Apple Farms scheduled for Friday 11/7.  Hedge Apple Farm is located in Frederick MD and CFDR has been having meat delivered for the past two years.  Delivery comes around 10-1030am on Friday mornings for pick up.   CFDR Specials: 20lbs box of Ground Beef for $95.  […]

  • Knowledge (and Dedication) Is Power

    We LOVE getting emails like this.  And it’s a testimonial to the control you have over your own life.  Keep learning, keep improving! We’ll be here to help. “Yesterday my Company sponsored a health screening day as they have for the past five years.  Three years ago, as I was ready to hop a plane, […]

  • CFDR Give Back WOD

    Save the Date – Sunday, Oct 5, 2014 CFDR Give Back WOD Check-in 9:15-9:45am First Heat 10:00am 30 minute AMRAP Partner WOD (we will assign partners if you don’t have one) Partner A works through the AMRAP: 3 Rope Climbs 9 Deadlifts (185/155) 27 Double Unders Partner B: Run 400M with 20/14 # Med Ball […]

  • How’s Your Sleep Quality?

    [Read original post at www.robertkoebke.com] We live in a world where it’s a badge of honor to pull an all-nighter at work.  We brag to our peers how little we sleep.  Hell, I’ve been called lazy on numerous occasions because I value my midday naps so much. The truth is, we need sleep.  There’s no […]

  • Is CrossFit A Cult?

    “I’d like to preface this with the fact that I am a CrossFitter and I already know that making this post that no matter what I say will be controversial. My plan here isn’t to be super controversial, it’s more that will all the CrossFit bashing going on, especially the post written by Erin Simmons here (I’m […]

  • CFDR Youth Weightlifters – National Championships

    The USA Weightlifting National Championships are streaming live all day today.  Why should you care?  Because CFDR has 3 weightlifters hitting the platform with the best of the best in the US! You can watch Talia Lee, Rachel Bielski, and Maggie Bielski compete by following the link here. Talia Lee is competing with the 39k […]

  • 6 Exercises Lacrosse Players Need To Train During The Offseason

    [Read original at robertkoebke.com] To excel at a sport, an athlete must practice his/her sport.  There’s no question about that.  But, if all an athlete is doing is playing/practicing his sport in the offseason, they’re leaving it up to chance whether they’ll be physically capable of excelling at the next level.  Working hard is important, […]

  • “I just want to be a bad bitch”

    [Read original post at robertkoebke.com] “I just want to be a bad bitch”. This was a snippet of a conversation I overheard between a prospective member and one of my fellow coaches, Maddie, during a free introductory session we give at CrossFit DoneRight. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. When a prospective member says […]